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La Pirogue is the moving story of a group of Senegalese men who set off for Europe on a simple fishing boat, hoping for a better life. Baye Laye is the captain of a fishing pirogue who dreams of earning a better living for his family. When he is offered to lead one of the many pirogues that head towards Europe via the Canary Islands, he reluctantly accepts the job, knowing the dangers that lie ahead. Adroitly capturing the dilemmas facing these desperate men, La Pirogue is a powerful depiction of a story that is internationally relevant.

Fresh View Cinemas on MONDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2017 at 17h00

Cannes Nomination for the Un Certain Regard Award for director Moussa Toure
Lumiere Awards France 2013 for Best French Language Film (Won)
Munich Film Festival – ARRI Award for Best International Film (Won)

  • Directed by Moussa Toure
  • Running Time: 1h27min
  • Year of Release: 2013
  • Country: Senegal, France
  • Language: English subs