When Kaleche, a young amnesiac, wakes up in the middle of the wilderness, she has no idea how she got there. She makes her way to Kati Kati, a nearby lodge, where she meets a motley crew of residents under the leadership of Thoma. As Kaleche strikes a quick and intense friendship with him, she discovers that there’s a lot more to Thoma and the mysterious Kati Kati.

Fresh View Cinemas on WEDNESDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2017 at 19h00

Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 2017 –  Emerging Film Maker (Won)
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2017 – New Voices,  New  Visions Special Jury Award (Won)
Toronto International Film Festival 2016 –  International Critics’ Award (Won)
Chicago International Film Festival (Won)
Stockholm International Film Festival 2016 (Won)

  • Directed by Mbithi Masaya
  • Running Time: 1h15min
  • Year of Release: 2016
  • Country: Kenya, Germany
  • Language: English